As part of our continued goal to become the market-leading provider in credit hire and post-accident services, our 2020 Vision allows for the fine-tuning of company-wide operations supporting the continued growth of the business as it expands and adapts. Our 2020 Vision is made up of several elements that encourage a smarter way of working, with the aim of identifying and implementing improvements where required.

Outstanding Customer Experience

The Driving Partnership Value strategy is central to delivering an outstanding customer experience, allowing us to optimise our service scope for current customers, while seeking to secure new business opportunities.

The introduction of our 2020 Vision will encourage the uptake of effective and efficient processes within the business. By seeking smarter ways to deploy resources across the group, we will enable the team to deliver the best possible customer service and business partner experience.


To support and facilitate the decision-making processes within the business, we recognise that the team need to work with insightful data. This will remove any doubt as to the source or integrity of the information. We will review and redefine key data items, focusing on key reports that will come from a single source allowing for a smarter and more efficient way of working.


As the team is central to the development of the 2020 Vision, we are making our staff and their own learning and progression key to the structure of the initiative. By developing, supporting, retaining and growing the team we aim to enrich and enhance an existing environment based on our business values, promoting a culture in which the team can work together to deliver outstanding service to customers. This positive culture will, in turn, reward members of staff – the team is encouraged to live by the values of the business in their daily interactions in the workplace.


Internal processes have also been evaluated as we aim to improve cash flow within the business, in turn making for greater efficiency between departments. In particular, improvements to insurer protocols can add to this, making for better visibility of revenue coming into the business. The protocol plan ensures frictionless transactions and improved recoverability.


Lastly, with the imminent changes in legislation relating to personal injury compensation, we are transforming our approach to the handling of personal injury claims by re-engineering our processes to be streamlined and efficient while upskilling the team to handle credit hire and diminution cases.

Our Values
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As a business we are proactive, flexible and agile, with an emphasis on delivering great service to our partners and to drivers involved in a motor-vehicle accident. Our team plays an essential role in making this happen, so we invest a great deal to help them gain all the skills they need to do a great job.
Our Culture
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As part of the EDAM Group, Garvins Law is a great place to work. We recognise that without our great teams we cannot achieve all the ambitions we have as a business. That’s why we’ve created an inspiring environment with state-of-the-art facilities and have made our people absolutely central to everything we do.
Our Services
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At Garvins Law, we offer a range of services associated with personal injuries. When dealing with us, you will be immediately aware that our core values guide us at every stage of your journey.