A Bold New World

It goes without saying that the world has changed significantly in 2020. We have all had to look at the way we do things at work and at home to adapt to the emerging new ways of the world.  Although the global pandemic has been unspeakably tragic, it has also given us all the opportunity to reflect on how we worked before and how we can make way for a bold new digital future.  The time to be fluid and flexible has never been more vital to us all.

Ending Furlough

The end of lockdown has seen increasing numbers of people returning to offices around the country. Week on week since the end of May the number of employees returning to their offices has been increasing and today 88% of furloughed workers have returned to work whether this be working at home or back into their offices.

It all sounds super simple doesn’t it?  Either work from home or go back in to the office, everyone will be back eventually….

But it shouldn’t be that simple though should it.  What about John Smith who has been working from home but has not been able to switch off when the laptop closes at 5:30pm?  What about Jane Doe who’s been furloughed since the beginning of lock down, home schooling her children and has laid awake every night wondering if her job will remain when the furlough scheme ends?

Mental Health

At EDAM Group, we have put mental health at the heart of our decision making when bringing people back to work in our COVID-19 safe offices. We recognise that people have suffered mental strain more than usual during lock down.  Some people have even suffered with mental health issues for the first time in their life during the ever-changing tirade of the virus. These are trying times. We have endeavoured to listen to our people and have brought people back to the office that are struggling to work at home, to help alleviate the associated stresses.  Furthermore, we have started to bring furloughed workers into our offices part-time to ease them back into their working lives. Our mental health first aiders are also primed and ready for any teething problems that we may encounter along the way too!

No rest for the wicked

Our facilities and IT teams have worked together tirelessly and super-fast since the end of April to get us ready for the first wave of people coming back into the office, ensuring we are not just in line with the government’s COVID-19 guidelines, but exceeding them.  The only mission on their minds: to make our offices safe for our peoples’ return.  This has been no small feat.

The teams wasted no time in pulling every single desk in the office out, measuring, sanitising and reorganising to ensure that our people remained at the safest distance possible. Just when you think that these heroes are done……

The logistics of how our people move around the office safely was their next mission.  Our Facilities Manager got his super hero cape on and went to work in creating a one-way system to keep everyone at minimum safe distance.  This took a few dry runs but he got there with the help of his trusty side kick ‘2 metre stick’ which allowed him to  place floor markings and determine how many people were safely allowed into meeting rooms, rest rooms and the kitchen. In addition hand sanitisers have been placed at multiple locations throughout. A traffic light system is in place for desks and meeting rooms to advise potential users on whether they can be used.

Visitors have been fully considered; a bespoke Perspex shield has been made to protect our wonderful reception staff and our visitors alike.  Not to mention the strict procedures we have implemented for each and every visitor that walks through our doors! There are no limits to how seriously we take the safety of the people visiting our sites.

And last but by no means least our amazing customers. Our fleet team have been implementing measures, since before lockdown, to ensure thorough vehicle sanitisation and a strict procedure is in place to support non-contact vehicle handover.  So we are definitely seeing more and more of our people happy to be back in the office and we are starting to feel that EDAM buzz again!

Incredible work Facilities, IT and Fleet! Our very own COVID-19 Heroes!

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